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    Satya Nadella, Chair and CEO, Microsoft

    "By blending imaginative storytelling and technical expertise, Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan bring to life a vision for AI that addresses both our curiosity and our fears. Read this captivating book to better understand how and when certain technologies are likely to mature, and what that could mean for all of us."
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    Arianna Huffington, Founder, HuffPost and founder and CEO, Thrive Global

    "We have reached a momentous inflection point with AI, and no other book I’ve read captures it with such stunning insight and imagination. Instead of wondering whether to trust AI, we must think of it as a tool—one that we humans are in charge of shaping. Kai-Fu Lee’s brilliant analysis in AI 2041 embodies this urgent mandate for humanity, while Chen Qiufan’s gripping stories reveal how AI can become a bridge between previously unsolvable problems and a future of new possibilities."
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    Ray Dalio, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Principles, Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Bridgewater Associates

    "I recommend AI 2041 for an invaluable and entertaining vision of the future."
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    Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO, Salesforce

    "AI 2041 is the perfect fusion of science and fiction, illuminating the pervasive impact artificial intelligence will have in our lives and the challenges we face in shaping a techno-future that benefits all of humanity."
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    Mark Cuban, businessman, entrepreneur and Owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Shark on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, bestselling author of “How to Win at the Sport of Business” 

    "Applying AI to business usually means learning the technology first and then figuring out how to apply it. AI 2041 allows readers to take the exact opposite approach. Through amazingly entertaining stories, Lee and Chen take us on an immersive trip through the future and then zoom out with exceptionally clear explanations of the technology at work. The result is an enjoyable and eye-opening book for those trying to understand how to apply AI."
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    Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist, Facebook, NYU Professor and 2018 recipient of the Turing Award

    "Making predictions about the future of AI is not for the faint of heart. This inspired collaboration between a pioneering technologist and a visionary writer of science fiction offers bold and urgent insights into how these technologies may impact our lives."
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    Bennett Miller, Academy Award-nominated Director of Moneyball and Foxcatcher

    "Are we fit for the strange new world we seem determined to create? What is clear is that imagination-defying change is upon us. Less clear is what these changes will mean for humankind. Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan’s AI 2041 offers the most carefully and caringly considered visions of what is soon to come."
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    Dr. Larry Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard University, 71st Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and Director of the National Economic Council for President Obama

    "They say truth is stranger than fiction, Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan's brilliant book shows that fiction can predict future truth. It's a very important read for anyone who wants to understand where the world is going."







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    Liu Cixin, Author, Three Body Problem

    "AI2041 is an unprecedented book that combines rational technology prediction with emotive moving stories. It is a perfect combination of vivid imagination and rigorous science. Whether as a work of science fiction or technology analysis, the book has unparalleled charm."